EXPLORE THE USA’S REDWOOD NATIONAL AND STATE PARKS with this slideshow, check the location map and get all the facts and information below.

Redwood National and State Parks
Redwood National and State Parks

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Location and Values: The Redwood National and State Parks are located on the Pacific north-west coast of the US State of California and feature some of the tallest and oldest trees in the world. These coastal redwood forest parks protect the last surviving remnant of a type of forest that has existed for 160 million years and was once found throughout many of the moist temperate regions of the world, but is now confined to the wet regions of the west coast of North America.

Conservation Status and Prospects. According to IUCN’s recent Conservation Outlook Assessment the conservation status of the Redwood National and State Parks is ‘good with some concerns’. The IUCN report notes that ‘most of the park values are stable and adequately protected and the existing threats arise primarily from a legacy of past land use. The ancient redwood forest with its associated beauty and aesthetics is in good condition because the redwoods are growing well. While the established coast redwood trees are likely to persist, many associated species in the park are threatened. The known and anticipated threats to the park’s resources such as invasive species, previous land use, changed fire regime, and future environmental changes require immediate attention to prevent resource loss. Declining funding for park management is the main barrier preventing the park from addressing the issues including restoration and monitoring.’

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The photos in this slideshow are intended to ‘tell the story’ of the Redwood National and State Parks, showing the area’s giant trees, dramatic wild coastline, highland meadows, landscapes, plants and animals, people, threats and conservation needs. The slideshow traces a journey through various locations in the park, from north to south, starting in the Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park at Stout Grove and the Howland Hill Road, and taking in points to the south including the Klamath area, the Newton Drury Scenic Parkway, Prairie Creek area including Gold Bluffs Beach and Fern Canyon, and south to the Lady Bird Johnson Grove, and Tall Trees Trail. The slideshow includes far-reaching views over the Redwood National Park, showing the patchwork of old-growth and re-growth forest, and open flower-rich meadows at the highest elevations around Lyons Ranch and Schoolhouse peak (944m).

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Area: 569 km2

Inscribed: 1980


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